Harrison Home Developments


The Lancashire & Cumbria based building company originally stumbled across us on Instagram and were intrigued by our feed and how we marketed ourselves. The company enquired about our Website Design, Branding, Marketing and Graphic Design.

After a short discussion we were commissioned by James to provide some infographics and social media management for Segar Street Car Park, Kirkham & Wesham. After designing graphics and running a successful marketing campaign, James was eager to work with us and commissioned us to create a full branding package, Web Design  for Harrison Home Developments. We also stepped in to help James with a ‘set up package’ which includes a set up of his Facebook page, Registering the company on google and creating some digital promotional videos offering the services of Harrison Home Developments.

Segar street car park



James Harrison


1st Jan, 2020


Wed Design, Branding & Marketing